Annotations from the Section Meditationes fundamentales et variae

TitleOriginal titleLanguage
Man and EarthČlověk a země
Short history of ground possession is sketched: – The Modern Theory of Unlimited Sources and the Liberty of Man (Fysiocratism, Mercantilism) – Ancient Civilisations – Sparta – Ancient Slavons – Beginnings of Agriculture – Large Empires – Middle Ages (eg. Danes and Normans ) – What is the Result?Non European Cultures (Palau, Nicaragua, Viet-Nam, State of Israel eg. The Phenomen of Kibbutz)
On Moving and DirectionsO cestách a pohybu
Phaenomenology of eight basic directions/movements (East-West-South-North-Up-Down-To Centre-Nowhere). With addition of Transcending the Pole
Time among the MonksČas a mniši
Short article concerning the structure of monastical hours (liturgia horarum) and measuring of time
On Numbers, Rhytms, Quadrature of Circle and Other TrivialitiesO číslech, rytmech, kvadratuře kruhu a jiných samozřejmostech
Introduction to natural rhytms and cycles and dividing them; natural phases; septenary counting in connection with Christian religious year. Debate about the „missing link“.
What God United…Co Bůh spojil…
A small remark on lifelong matrimony
Old AgeStáří
A very short reflection on the subject.
About One Addiction Afflicting the Whole GenerationO generační závislosti
Distortion of time and space relation arising from using (and depending on) individual car transport. Its psychoanalytic interpreatation. The stuffs and powers we have depended on since the 1800s and their portraits from Greek pantheon.
On Money (and Values)O penězích (a hodnotách)
Is money sacred? How? The „invisible Hand of the Market“. Materialism triumphant. (?)
How to Be RichJak být bohatým?
Relativeness and origin of wealth. How to please people. Dark prospects.
On Gravity of WordsO závažnosti slov
Grammatic and semantic analyse of a six-words sentence (in Czech) – That night little Helen drowned herself of shame. – showing how much sense can be hidden behind very simple words, followed by a critical consideration on fiction, especially so-called realistic one.
Flood GuerrillaPartyzánská válka povodní
Eco-terrorism can be hidden where you don’t expect it…. :))
Why There Should Be St. Stephen Monuments (not only) in SlovakiaProč by měla (nejen) na Slovensku stát socha sv.Štěpána
Nationalistic protests against raising the monument of St.Stephen in Slovakia do not have sense. All Europe should be grateful to this historical person for its preservation.
My Ways are not Their WaysMé cesty nejsou jejich cestami
A bitter remark on how you simply cannot live together with the species Homo automobilis. A modest proposal to a substantial modification of Right of way.
On Freedom and IndividualismO svobodě a individualismu
What is freedom. Conflicting freedoms. Freedom in thinking. „Energetic“ aspect of freedom. Individualism as a matter of preference. Authority of an individual and of a group.
Two Major Pests in SchoolingDva velcí škůdci vzdělání
The sole purpose of schools. The General school attendance – duty or privilege? Can we let teenagers free? What if schools did it? Reflexions on idealism and professionality.
The falsehood (and lack of logic) of the „anti-disinformation“ campaigns demasqued.